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High School Students of the Month

Students of the Month (High School Seniors) receive a small monetary gift. In addition, a donation is made on their
behalf to Polio Plus, a program by Rotary International providing vaccinations with the goal of erradicating Polio worldwide.


June 2021 (Health/PhysEd)
Emerson Colwell, Lyme-Old Lyme HS      Emily Stratton, Old Saybrook HS     Landon McKeith, Westbrook HS
May 2021 (Business)
Fiona Fredericks, Lyme-Old Lyme HS      Helen Day, Old Saybrook HS     Livian Brito, Westbrook HS
April 2021 (Fine Arts)
Marina Melluzzo, Lyme-Old Lyme HS      Luca Troop, Westbrook HS     Mary Beth Czarzasty, Old Saybrook HS
March 2021 (Technology)
Anthony Baldino, Old Saybrook HS      Resse Maguire, Lyme-Old Lyme HS     Ryan Allgaier, Westbrook HS

January 2021 (Science)
Connie Pann, Lyme-Old Lyme HS      Devin Mulvihill, Westbrook HS     Owen Tolve, Old Saybrook HS

December 2020 (Social Studies)
L-R: Jesse McGannon,Westbrook HS    Grace Laskowski,Old Saybrook HS    Riley Nelson,Lyme-Old Lyme HS

November 2020 (Math)
L-R: Grace Lathrop, Lyme-Old Lyme HS   Michael Cox, Westbrook HS   Garrett Brady, Old Saybrook HS

October 2020 (English)

Left to Right:
Joseph Bradley, Old Saybrook
Kiley McCarthy, Westbrook

  March 2020 (Technology)

Left to Right:
William Bartlett, Lyme-Old Lyme
Jonathan Hotowski, Westbrook
Cooper Pavolovian, Old Saybrook
February 2020 (Science)

Left to Right:
Isabel Araya, Westbrook
Joseph Bradley, Old Saybrook
Nicholas Fava, Lyme-Old Lyme
  January 2020 (Science)

Left to Right:
Emily Speckhals, Lyme-Old Lyme
Jaclyn Grace, Westbrook
Katie Henderson, Old Saybrook

December 2019 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Audrey Berry, Lyme-Old Lyme
Cassidy Hallowell, Old Saybrook
Ian Whitehouse, Westbrook

  November 2019 (Math)

Left to Right:
Sarah Davey, Westbrook
Ryan McTigue, Lyme-Old Lyme
Katie Henderson, Old Saybrook

October 2019 (English)

Left to Right:
Jane Scheiber, Lyme-Old Lyme
Isabella Carlo, Old Saybrook
Juliana Fabrizi, Westbrook

  June 2019 (Health/PhysEd)

Left to Right:
Bridget Souriyamath, Old Saybrook
Jenny Ritchie, Lyme-Old Lyme
Alana Bochanis
, Westbrook
May 2019 (Business)

Left to Right:
Dylan Hettick-Harlow, Lyme-Old Lyme
Cameron Adams, Old Saybrook
Katelyn Wallace, Westbrook
  April 2019 (Fine & Performing Arts)

Left to Right:
Breydan Medbury, Old Saybrook
Colin Hallahan, Lyme-Old Lyme
David McCain, Westbrook

March 2019 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Stephen Farrell, Westbrook
Nick Condulis, Old Saybrook
Theodore Wayland, Lyme-Old Lyme


February 2019 (World Language)

Left to Right:
Janae Jeune, Old Saybrook
Alyssa Sirisoukh, Westbrook
Trevor Wells, Lyme-Old Lyme

January 2019 (Science)

Left to Right:
Colin Sutherland - Westbrook
John Gabelmann - Old Saybrook
Emma Danes - Lyme-Old Lyme



December 2018 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Timothy Jacoboski - Old Saybrook
Lauren Birk - Lyme/Old Lyme
Alyssa Sirisoukh - Westbrook 


November 2018 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Elaine Yang, Old Saybrook
Finn McGannon, Westbrook
Hannah Morrison, Lyme-Old Lyme



October 2018 (English)

Left to Right:
Katie Reid, Lyme-Old Lyme
Katie Wallace, Westbrook
Sydney Lang, Old Saybrook

June 2018 (Health, Phys Ed)

Left to Right:
Amanda Murphy, Lyme-Old Lyme
MacLean Saar, Westbrook
Tenzin Kunzel, Old Saybrook



May 2018 (Business Ed)

Left to Right:
Sebastiano (Sebby) Gallitto, Old Saybrook
Nikol Jara, Westbrook
Josh Liefeld, Lyme-Old Lyme

April 2018 (Fine Arts)

Left to Right:
Courtney Parrish, Westbrook
Samantha Hart, Old Saybrook
Alexander Williams
, Lyme-Old Lyme



March 2018 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Tanner Jones, Old Saybrook
Liam Ber, Westbrook
Ryan Romella, Lyme-Old Lyme

February 2018 (World Language)

Left to Right:
Brynn McGlinchey, Lyme-Old Lyme

Samantha Cates, Wesbrook

Samuel Carlson, Old Saybrook



January 2018 (Science)

Left to Right:
Jonah Nucci, Old Saybrook
Gabriel Stephen-Zumbaum, Lyme-Old Lyme

Olivia Fabrizi, Wesbrook
Tirzah Blomquist, Westbrook (Math - November)

December 2017 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Keaton Roarick, Old Saybrook
Tanner Selmont, Westbrook
Hope Femia, Lyme-Old Lyme


November 2017 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Reed Spitzer, Lyme-Old Lyme
Kunsang Dorjee, Old Saybrook
Tirzah Blomquist, Westbrook

October 2017 (English)

Left to Right:
Christine Banks, Westbrook
Sophie Alden, Old Saybrook
Sarah Kwon, Lyme-Old Lyme



June 2017 (Health/Phys Ed)

Left to Right:
Nick Perregaux, Westbrook
Camron Gosselin, Old Saybrook

Missing from picture:
Meredith Duxbury,Lyme-Old Lyme



May 2017 (Business Ed)

Left to Right:
Emily Hotkowski, Westbrook
Alana Comey, Old Saybrook
Kiley Almy, Lyme-Old Lyme



April 2017 (Fine Arts)

Left to Right:
Eric Frysinger, Old Saybrook (Technology prev week)
Noah Castro, Old Saybrook
Adam Czarnecki, Lyme-Old Lyme
Alex Barzallo, Westbrook

March 2017 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Rick Atkinson, Westbrook
Lauren Schillawski, Lyme-Old Lyme

Missing from picture:
Eric Frysinger, Old Saybrook



February 2017 (World Language)

Left to Right:
Margaret Smith, Old Saybrook
Sabrina Martains, Westbrook
Matthew McCarthy, Lyme-Old Lyme

January 2017 (Science)

Left to Right:
Jason Matunas, Westbrook
Rachel Hayward, Lyme-Old Lyme
Macneil Coppes, Old Saybrook



December 2016 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Brennen Griffin - Lyme-Old Lyme
Alana Comey – Old Saybrook
Matthew Gallagher – Westbrook

November 2016 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Gus Marx, Westbrook
Laura Lee Wayland, Lyme-Old Lyme
Joshua Chang, Old Saybrook



October 2016 (English)

Left to Right:
Madison Beebe – Westbrook
David Sylvester – Old Saybrook
Natalie Rugg – Old Lyme

June 2016 (Health/Physical Education)

Left to Right:
Chris Benzi, Westbrook
Matt Fanelli, Lyme-Old Lyme
Sarah Smith, Old Saybrook



May 2016 (Business Education)

Left to Right:
Brad Cates, Westbrook
Carmen Boca Carillo (April, Fine Arts)
Kaspar Wolfe, Lyme-Old Lyme
Angie Velez, Old Saybrook

April 2016 (Fine & Performing Arts)

Nathaniel Hart, Old Saybrook
Imogene Welles, Lyme-Old Lyme
Carmen Boca Carillo, Westbrook (not in picture - see above)




March 2016 (Technology Education)

Left to Right:
Emma Sked, Lyme-Old Lyme
Josh Palko, Old Saybrook
Thomas O'Connell, Westbrook


February 2016 (Foreign Languages)

Left to Right:
Leah Cherry – Westbrook
Victoria Azoulay – Old Lyme
Eliza Owen Smith – Old Saybrook


    January 2016 (Science)

Left to Right:
Taylor McCain, Westbrook
Ethan Fenton, Lyme-Old Lyme
Tenzin Rabjam, Old Saybrook (last month for Social Studies)
Kelley Slimon, Old Saybrook

December 2015 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Austin Farr, Westbrook
Allison Marsh, Lyme-Old Lyme
Tenzin Rabjam, Old Saybrook (not pictured)






November 2015 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Old Saybrook: Peter Malinovsky
Lyme-Old Lyme: Austin Pilgrim
Westbrook: Arno Utegg

October 2015 (English)

Left to Right:
Westbrook: Carmen Borca Carrillo
Old Saybrook: Adina Ripin
Lyme-Old Lyme: Kathryn Fanelli



June 2015 (Physical Education)

Lyme-Old Lyme: Taylor Hamparian with family

Missing from picture:
Old Saybrook: Brenna Kuskowski

Westbrook: Dylan Engels

Regretfully, the meeting didn't take place due to a power outage.

 May 2015 (Business Ed)

Left to Right:

Lyme-Old Lyme: Holly Fiscus
Old Saybrook: Sophie Tsagonis
Westbrook: Julia Honan



April 2015 (The Arts)

Left to Right:
Old Saybrook: Andrew Thorpe
Lyme-Old Lyme: Abigail Cipperone
Westbrook: Rachel Gosselin

March 2015 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Old Saybrook - Trent Duffy
Westbrook - Matthew Hovey
Lyme/Old Lyme - Thomas Roth




  February 2015 (World Language)

Left to Right:
Old Saybrook - Ryan Dowd
Lyme/Old Lyme - Abigail Cipperone
Westbrook - Logan Muckle
January 2015 (Science)

Left to Right:
Westbrook - Seamus Ashburner
Old Saybrook - Danielle LaMay
Lyme/Old Lyme - Eric Pan

  December 2014 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Liam Corrigan, Lyme-Old Lyme
Madeline Farrell, Westbrook
Sean Holmes, Old Saybrook

November 2014 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Hunanying "Heather" Kuang, Old Saybrook
Jonathan Butterworth, Westbrook
Jared DiCarlo, Lyme-Old Lyme




October 2014 (English)                                                                        
Left to Right:
Kristiana Olson, Lyme-Old Lyme
Emily Gozzi, Westbrook
Cassandra Martin, Old Saybrook

June 2014 (Health/Phys Ed)

Left to Right:
Meghan Maynard, Westbrook
Philip Cohen, Lyme-Old Lyme
Nicole Valente, Old Saybrook






May 2014 (Business)

Left to Right:
Sean Carlin, Old Saybrook
Alana Puciato, Westbrook
Kyle O'Neil, Lyme-Old Lyme

 March 2014 (Technology)

Left to Right:

Sarah Hollis, Westbrook
Ryan Woolery, Old Saybrook
Alison Marsh, Lyme-Old Lyme




 April 2014 (Music)

Left to Right:
Emily Archer, Westbrook
Kristy Ledwith, Old Saybrook
Cooper Kendall, Lyme-Old Lyme

February 2014 (World Language)

Left to Right:

Kally Donlan, Westbrook
Olivia Hack, Lyme-Old Lyme
Robert O'Shaughnessy, Old Saybrook



  January 2014 (Science)

Left to Right:
Annie Raunikar, Westbrook
Keanna Chang, Old Saybrook
Isabel Ritrovato, Lyme-Old Lyme

December 2013 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:

Abigail Guitar, Lyme-Old Lyme
Christopher Dahl, Westbrook
Jack Rothman, Old Saybrook




November 2013 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
John Fairfield-Sonn, Lyme/Old Lyme
Tim Foley, Old Saybrook
Sam Grigo, Westbrook

October 2013 (English)

Left to Right:
Caroline Labriola, Westbrook
Jack Frysinger, Old Saybrook
Isabelle Foster, Lyme-Old Lyme








June 2013 (Physical Education)

Left to Right:
Georgia Cummins, Lyme-Old Lyme
James Condulis, Old Saybrook
Ayla Toussaint, Westbrook


May 2013 (Business)

Left to Right:
Michael Barrett, Old Saybrook
Michael Bray, Lyme-Old Lyme
Tyler Lefebvre, Westbrook


April 2013 (Music)

Left to Right:
  Page Pollenski, Lyme-Old Lyme
Megan Doran, Westbrook
Emilee Green,Old Saybrook
Joshua Scherber, Old Saybrook (Technology from last month)


March 2013 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Richard Wade, Westbrook HS
Jackson Bennett, Lyme-Old Lyme HS
Not pictured: Joshua Scherber, Old Saybrook HS


February 2013 (World Language)

Left to Right:
Christine Deantonis, Old Saybrook High School
Fiona Barrett, Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Not pictured: Caroline Davis, Westbrook High School


January 2013 (Science)

Left to Right:
Matthew Cummins, Old Saybrook High School
Jesse Pettelbach, Westbrook High School
Cynthia Tan, Lyme-Old Lyme High School


December 2012 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Samuel Stadnick, Lyme-Old Lyme
Natalie Glazer, Westbrook
Andrew Heckler, Old Saybrook


November 2012 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Derek Virbige, Old Saybrook
Caroline Barton, Westbrook
Jennifer Kowalski, Lyme-Old Lyme


October 2012 (English)

Left to Right:
Alya Toussaint, Westbrook High School
Diana Chan, Old Saybrook High School
Lindsay Knewpsheild, Old Lyme High School


June 2012 (Health Education)

Left to Right:
Mary Kate Czepiel, Old Saybrook
Anthony Romeo, Lyme-Old Lyme

April 2012 (Music) and May 2012 (Business)

L-R: Lyme-Old Lyme: Molly Godwin (Music), Benjamin Roche (Business), Old Saybrook: Victoria Franca (Business), Colin Schuster (Music), Westbrook: Annabelle Meade (Business), Megan Doran (Music)


March 2012 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Sarah Behringer, Lyme-Old Lyme
Tom Maynard, Westbrook
Case Polin, Old Saybrook
Elizabeth Blair, Old Saybrook (World Language Recipient-Feb)


February 2012 (World Language)

Left to Right:
Meghan Prevost, Westbrook
Luke Tettelbach, Westbrook (Science Recipient-Jan)
Maria Awwa, Lyme-Old Lyme


January 2012 (Science)

Bethany Goodue, Old Saybrook
Kevin Pan, Lyme-Old Lyme
Luke Tettelbach, Westbrook (See above Picture)


December 2011 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Mitch Honan, Westbrook
Nick Walker, Lyme-Old Lyme
Katherine Beezer, Old Saybrook


November 2011 (Mathematics)

Left to Right:
Olivia Tempesta, Westbrook
Patrick Wilczynski, Lyme-Old Lyme
Casey Gowrie, Old Saybrook


October 2011 (English)

Left to Right:
Nicholas Bellas, Lyme-Old Lyme
Sarah Luft, Westbrook
Michaela Forte, Old Saybrook



June 2011 (Health)

Left to Right:
Preston Briggs, Old Saybrook
Tory McKnight, Lyme-Old Lyme



May 2011 (Business)

Left to Right:
Kristen Endridzzi, Old Saybrook
Conor Cahill, Lyme-Old Lyme
Chrissy Martel, Westbrook


April 2011 (Music)

Left to Right:
Joe Vilardi, Old Saybrook
Julie Blum, Westbrook
David Shoemaker, Lyme-Old Lyme


March 2011 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Casey Gowrie, Old Saybrook (January -Science)
Harlan Toussaint, Westbrook
Michael Neas, Old Saybrook
Jackson Bennett, Lyme-Old Lyme



February 2011 (Language)

Left to Right:
Joe Ferrantelli, Old Saybrook
Sophia Harvey, Lyme-Old Lyme
Erica Martel, Westbrook



January 2011 (Science)

Left to Right:
Justin Zabilansky, Lyme-Old Lyme
Alexander Lawton, Westbrook
Casey Gowrie, Old Saybrook (not pictured)


December 2010 (Social Studies)

Left to Right:
Chris Mariho, Westbrook
Patrick Cole, Lyme-Old Lyme
Shane Olsen, Old Saybrook



November 2010 (Math)

Left to Right:
Christopher Lee, Old Saybrook
Jake Turkowski, Lyme-Old Lyme
    Harlan Toussaint, Westbrook


October 2010 (English)

Left to Right:
Matt Searle Lyme-Old Lyme
Caroline Bruno, Old Saybrook
    Katie Hollis, Westbrook


April 2010 (Art & Music, Business)

Left to Right:
Lyme-Old Lyme HS: Kirsten Brink (Art & Music)
Lyme-Old Lyme HS: Sean Flaherty (Business)
Old Saybrook HS: Ben Kegler (Business)
Not in picture: Old Saybrook HS: Kevin Corrado (Art & Music)

March 2010 (Technology)

Left to Right:
Old Saybrook HS: Chris Huang
Westbrook HS December for History: Jordan Bean
Westbrook HS: Jake Crysler
Lyme-Old Lyme: Salvatore Fava
Westbrook HS January for Science: Harlan Toussaint


February 2010 (Language)

Westbrook HS: Kristin Merrimarahajara
Lyme-Old Lyme HS: Megan Griffin
Old Saybrook HS: Sara Van Der Horst

January 2010 (Science)

Old Saybrook HS: Samantha Cummins
Lyme-Old Lyme HS: Mara Fisher (Social Studies)
Lyme-Old Lyme HS: Andrew Winter
Westbrook HS: Jordan Bean (not in picture)