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The Commodities Exchange

Ribbon cutting Aug. 2, 2023
Almost finished !

A brief review and invite to attend: 

The transfer station project was first presented to the Club in 2021 as a way to support the environmental goals of Rotary, provide meaningful assistant to Old Saybrook, and help to make people aware of Rotary.  Pat Settembrino is our lead person on the project and has kept it moving - working closely with the town,an architect, the lumber company, building contractor, local artist, landscaper, a sign company, and OS public works. Rotary approved an initial budget of $8,000 for the project.  We also applied for grants - Pat DeVito was successful in securing $3,000.00 through the Middlesex Foundation with the funding coming from Guilford Savings Bank. First Selectman, Carl Fortuna secured a little over $8,000.00 from the state through a special program. The program was titled the “Commodities Exchange” as the intent was for gently used items from local homes would be dropped off to be claimed by other local citizens and given extended life.  In so doing keeping the items out of the bulk trash stream that is so costly to the town. Along the way we encountered delays due to siting of the structure, permitting, design reviews, and various approvals.  Most recently we’ve been held up by delays in the roofing material delivery. Due to these delays the roof will not be completed for our event but shortly after. If you’ve gone to the transfer station recently you’ve seen the gradual development of the site and construction of the structure. 

The ribbon cutting took place on Wednesday, August 2nd at 9:00 am at the transfer station. 

Rotary is underwriting the cost of a structure to be built at the town Transfer Station where people can leave items of value to be picked up by those with a need for the item. After months of planning, the structure is now up and running! 

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Picture taken just a week after the dedication!