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Acton Library Grant for 10 computers, October 2022

President Pat Devito presents a check to Acton Library for 10 computers

Acton Public Library and the Old Saybrook Rotary Club have partnered on a recent grant that enabled new laptops for the library. Library Director Amanda Brouwer said that offering access to technology has been a priority of libraries for years.

The Acton Public Library offers Wi-Fi throughout the building, public access computers, and hotspots people can borrow. But, with so many state and federal agencies pushing their forms and publications online, it is imperative that people have access to reliable technology and know how to use it. The library has begun teaching group computer learning sessions, but with their current laptops, patrons would have to bring their own devices, which created a barrier for some who could not afford their own devices.

Sometimes patrons need more help that can be solved in the class format, so one-on-ones have been increasing in volume. The library began these sessions last year and now offers them twice a week. The classes cover topics like how to set up personal laptops, retrieving lost information, creating emails, and learning to change settings for usability.

Having these new laptops and portable technology that they can bring with them to teach, allows the library staff to make sure that those who may not make it to the library might still have the opportunity to learn on current software with up-to-date hardware.

The Acton Public Library is extremely thankful to the Old Saybrook Rotary Club for the time and dedication it took to raise funds for this community project that can benefit all patrons.