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OS Rotary Meeting 01/04/23

Pledge: President Pat DeVito
Prayer: Gary McCauley

THE FOUR WAY TEST of the things we think, say, or do

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

FLIM/FLAM: Marty Drobiarz
RAFFLE: Joan Winters, Tara Winch, guest Bill Webster


Pete Z happy to welcome Kathy W and Kristina DeM, Charlie N sad dollar “Andy” Anderson’ death, Kathy C for the new year, Gail F for the day, Jan P for Andy and new year, Tara W for the day, John A for the new year, Joan W for the d=new year, Marty D for winning Flim/Flam for having known Andy through Rotary and the new year, Ed Pinn for Andy, Gary McC for Andy and the new year, Bill O for Andy, Pat De for the day.


  •   Welcome Visiting Rotarian William Webster
  •  Kathy Ledwith gave a short bio looking forward to being an active Rotarian
  •  January 10, 2023 Old Saybrook Chamber Award to OS Rotary will be given at The Kate 5:30 – 8:00 PM
  • ARAP funds are in discuss how use the money debate continues
  •  John Aforismo has been working with the OS Fire Dept. to secure a home for meetings and display of awards. More to come but it looks good. The plan is we will donate an appliance (refrigerator) in return for use of the facility.
  • Day of Service ala 7980 will be in May we in or out.
  • Install new members in January
  • Joan Winters handling publicity in all local publications good job
  • Future discussion re meeting times AM vs Noon.


Marty Drobiarz and Pete Zucco reviewed all of the things necessary to get ready for “The Wine and Beer Tasting” event, Friday evening March 3, 2023 Saybrook Point Inn.

  • Packets for literature and tickets handed out to all present. The packets contain: cover sheet, tickets, last years book of ads, sponsor level sheet, solicitation and thank you letters. Also, spreadsheets showing last years sponsors and donors and member who solicited them.
  • All tickets sales must got through Marty
  • All have a sponsorship letter with levels
  • Marty’s contact info included
  • Check the website for a list of last year’s sponsors
  • Check website for a list of last year’s sponsors
  • Packet has a list of donors by Rotarian’s name
  • Discussion was had regarding having a live auction, more to follow
  • Again, the Jazz Band will play
  • Sell Tickets and Sign-Up Sponsors!!


  • Foundation Jan Perruccio - no report
  • Outreach Joan Michaud - no report
  • OSHS student trip to Washington DC voted to spend $800.00 for 2 students
  • Request for funds from S C O R E table
  • Membership: Pete Zucco - welcome guest William Webster
  • New members Kristina DeMaria and Kathy Ledwith to be installed in January
  • Prospective new member William Webster at meeting


  1. Wednesday January 11, 2023 Zoom meeting Noon
  2. Wednesday January 18, 2023 Westbrook High School Noon Interact Students
  3. Wednesday January 25, 2023 Kitty Stalsburg High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc Fireman’s Field Noon
  4. Wednesday February 1, 2023 OPEN


  • Club Service
  • Community Service
  • Vocational Service
  • New Generations
  • International Service

A breakdown of all of the sub committees is on our web site. Look it over.


  ” Never worry about anything, always pray about everything”