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OS Rotary Meeting 10/26/22

Pledge: Pat DeVito
Prayer:  Charlie R.
Four Way Test: Pat DeVito
Card Game: Bill McLaughlin (very suspicious)
Raffle: Joe A. Mary Ann and Hope

Happy Bucks: PZ for his son’s engagement, CB for John’s recovery from spinal surgery, JA for Summer’s return, NM for her grandson, CR for a surprise visit from his son all the way from New Zealand, many for our guests and several just happy to be here!

Visiting Rotarians: Mary Ann and Ralph Stroup, Hope Looney – North Branford Rotary Club.

Pat’s Updates: The DMG for the Acton Library laptop computers has been approved. We received a thank you card from the SanCap Rotary for our $5,000 donation for hurricane relief.

Our noon meeting site must be changed. We are exploring the Acton Library as a possible site for the noon meetings on the 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. A big thank you to Nancy M. for running the Dictionary for 3rd Graders Project this year. Great Job, Nancy! The Bikes for Kids Event at the Essex Steam Train North Pole Express will take place on November 12th at 6:30pm. Club members are invited to attend.

Program: Presentation about the International Literacy Grant for the Ngwesi Library in Kenya.


North Branford Rotarians Mary Ann and Ralph Stroup and Hope Looney narrated a power point presentation that described how the original grant started in 2008 as a Health Care Initiative and since that time has evolved into an operating room, a clinic, wells and water filters, establishment of schools, and a Library Resource Center. We are currently looking for an International Project. This project deserves our consideration.

Committee Reports:

  • Two potential new members will soon complete the membership procedure.
  • Speakers are all set until December.
  • Gail F. is requesting volunteers to help decorate our tree at the Evergreen Walk to be held at the Acton Library from 11/20 to 11/30. See Gail for details.

The Club voted to send a letter of support to the Garden Club for the installation of a Blue Star Memorial Plaque on the Old Saybrook Town Green.

Next Meeting: November 2nd at The Estuary.  Speaker is Kristin Mazziotti from COSTCO. This is a 7:00am meeting.