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OS Rotary Meeting of 11/14/12

Pledge: President Keith Wescovich
Prayer: Gerri Lewis
Song: Bill McLaughlin
Brents Card Game Winner: Joan Michaud

Sergeants Report: Glen Anderson
    Raffle Winners: Gerri Lewis, Rick Beck, Jason Smith
    Happy Bucks: Extra dollars were given for the Turkey Dinner Drive being the last week for collections, happy bucks were put in for our veterans, students and guests, Bill McLaughlin recovery, Joan was happy to be celebrating her 48th wedding anniversary, John is leaving for Ghana today.
    Ken Roche: Dictionaries will be distributed to third graders next week beginning Tuesday, Nov 20 at St. Johns at 9am and then on to Goodwin. 
    Keith: next weeks meeting is at JAMSS. 
    Jason gave a report on the Turkey Dinner Driver. Liberty Bank is matching funds raised by the club which can then be given as gift cards to be distributed by social services to those in need. Jason talked about the Warm the Children Program which is behind in its fundraising. The Shoreline Times and Harbor News have not come through with free ads as in years past. The lack of fundraising this year could have a detrimental effect on next year. $25-$30K is needed to keep the program going.
    Bill McLaughlin thanked Angus and Bill O'Shaughnessy for driving the RYLA kids last weekend in his absence.

Students of the Month - Mathematics
    Westbrook High School: Principal Bob Hale gave an introduction to Westbrooks Caroline Barton. She is currently ranked #1 in her class, is an avid tennis player of all-state caliber who wants to major in math. No school choice has been yet. 
    Old Saybrook High School: Principal Oliver Barton introduced Derek Arbige. Also in attendance was an exchange student from China. Derek has been coming to the high school to study math since the 8th grade. He is a member of the National Honor Society and is on the math team. He is also on the soccer team. He possibly wants to major in math and has not yet chosen a school.
Visit the Student of the Month section of this website.
    Lyme-Old Lyme High School: Math teacher Barbary Leary talked about Jennifer Kowalski, an athlete who leads by example. She gives back to her school and community in so many ways. Jennifer plans to major in math with a concentration in economics.

Following the SOM program, it was suggested we hear from one of the veterans and Rick Beck volunteered. Rick graduated from Nichols College and volunteered for the draft at age 24. He spent time in Fort Dix and Fort Benning. Rick spent time in Alabama working in the DECON unit which was responsible for disposing and transporting chemical weapons and other dangerous material. Rick went to Germany twice to transport missile fuel. He handled radioactive waste as well once transporting 397 5-gal lead drums to their final destination. Rick missed going to the Korean conflict by 2 weeks. He spent time at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for more work disposing of dangerous material. Rick was discharged in 1961 and went into the reserves and received his final discharge 6 years later. He was glad for the experience and proud of his service to his country.
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