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OS Rotary Meeting of 12/12/12

Pledge:    President Keith

Prayer:    Gerri Lewis

Song:    Bill McL

Flim/Flam:    Joan Michaud

Raffle:    Brent Taylor, Rick Beck, Bob Hester

Happy Bucks:    Many and varied. Ms Tara Winch happy for the Students, enjoyed Old Lyme Band, happy for students and parents.

    Dinner meeting next Wednesday December 19 6:00 P M 
The dinner choices are:

1. Chicken: Pan roasted chicken breast with risotto and vegetable;
2. Salmon w/ an orange ginger sauce with rice and vegetable; and
3. Petit Filet with potato and vegetable.
All meals are served with salad, rolls, butter, coffee and tea.
Dessert choices:
1. Chocolate Torte
2. Creme Brulee
3. Peppermint Cheesecake
It will be a cash bar.
Cost all inclusive is: $30/pp.

John Donnelly told about his recent trip to Ghana. New project machine tools for a chap building ultralite aircraft to serve remotre villages around the Big Lake, Patern after a group in Quebec/Labrador.  Aid's still a problem in Ghana, also malaria. Another project to help educate the remote villages about health care. 

THE FOURWAY TEST OF THE things we think, say, or do.
1.)    Is it the TRUTH
2.)    iS IT FAIR to nall concerned
3.)    Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS
4.)    Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned